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Southern Rock Revival part one: Tishamingo
"Like a brotherhood you’d never leave, this band’s songs get in to your mind, your heart, your soul, leaving your world a better place for having taken the time to listen...."
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December 2007

TISHAMINGO interview & performance(s) on GOOD DAY ATLANTA...
"...driving guitars, gritty vocals and a rock-and-roll attitude..."
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January 2007

TISHAMINGO Gets to The Point
The Local Southern Rock Band Readies it Third Album for the New Year...

Read the Flagpole Interview with Cameron Williams of Tishamingo

January 2007

TISHAMINGO Gets to ' The Point'
By giving Franklin's soulful piano chops a more prominent role in the band's patented dual-guitar attack, "The Point" has allowed the members of Tishamingo to feel they've attained a new high in creativity.

"We're very happy with it - we've made something that we feel is our best offering to date," says Williams. "Making it was a blast. We were able to spend two months in New Mexico with John, and it was a really cool experience.

"Now more than ever, I think we know what we sound like. Jess has brought the piano into the band, and he's even written some songs on it. For this album, we didn't bring in a lot of guests, because we wanted it to be just the four of us. Kurzweg plays some guitar and melodica, but we do everything else..."

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-Chris J. Starrs , ONLINE ATHENS
January 24, 2007

“...somewhere along the way Jess Franklin from the band Tishamingo tilted up the lid of the grand piano without spilling one of the dozen or more beers resting on it. A soundman with dreadlocks fixed a mike near the piano strings and in no time a sober-faced guy who played a lively fiddle passed the solo to Franklin...”

Tom Haines, GUITAR PLAYER Magazine
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January 2007
“The Athens, GA-based outfit has been on the road growing musically and expanding its audience consistently. They’ve played the Bonnaroo festival, toured Europe, and will join Lynryd Skynryd’s Gimmie Three Days cruise in January 2007. The band’s highly anticipated new CD produced by John Kurzweg (Puddle of Mudd, Creed) is now complete and slated for a late January release.”

(from Guitar Player Magazine Presents: Tishamingo)

Jimmy Leslie, GUITAR PLAYER Magazine
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...Tishamingo has brought a new bass player, Chuck Thomas, on board. Other changes are guitarist Jess Franklin adding a Fender Rhodes electric piano to the mix. While Franklin has played the keys on tracks in the studio, this is something new for the band's live show.

"It changes the sound," Williams said. It adds a soul feel to the sound."

That soul sound has a deeper meaning for Franklin, who learned to play the piano as a child. His father, an accomplished concert pianist, died four years ago.

"It means a lot to Jess to play the piano," Williams said. "That's what his father did."

(from Tishamingo Keeps Southern Rock Sound Rolling )

Tamara McClaran
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May 2006

“A little more than halfway through, and 2005 has been an amazing year for Tishamingo, the four-year band out of Athens, Georgia. They played their second Jam Cruise in January, released a second album (Wear 'n Tear) in March, sold out a two-night stand at Atlanta's Smith's Olde Bar in May and then headed across the pond in June for their very first European Tour.

Harry McNeil caught up with Tishamingo's Cameron Williams fresh off the plane from Italy and right before their first trip to New York City, where the Georgia boys were about to headline the Tribeca Rock Club on Friday, August 5.

Cameron Williams talks about the wild ride of one of the hardest working bands around...”

(from An Honest Tune: Tishamingo Takes Europe: An Interview with Cameron Williams)

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Glide Magazine
“Friday kicked off with Tallahassee’s Tishamingo delivering their bluesy southern rock to the stage. Falling somewhere between Big Head Todd & the Monsters and Galactic, their hour set got the crowd moving. As the heat started to sway towards cooling night time temperatures, they offered a rousing version of The Band’s "Chest Fever." Tishamingo is on the rise - their spot on the upcoming Bonnaroo lineup should solidify that...”

(from McDowell Mountain Music Festival Review)

Shane Handler
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May 2006
“In just a few years the Athens, Georgia-based Tishamingo have gone from being a totally unknown band to becoming recognized as being one of the promising "new" Southern rock bands. They original began playing in Florida before changing base to Athens, Georgia. Despite having released only two albums they show much promise and are rapidly developing into a top-class band.”

(from The Wear n' Tear of Tishamingo)

Mick Skidmore,
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“On Wear N’ Tear [Magnatude], the Athens-based band’s second album, Franklin and co-guitarist/singer Cameron Williams offer up a straight-to-tape, no-nonsense affair that sports deep-fried tones and soulful leads with harmonies aplenty...”

(from Guitar Player Magazine - BUZZ: Tishamingo)

Jimmy Leslie, GUITAR PLAYER Magazine
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“As often the case with young, grassroots bands, the masses have yet to discover the magic that is Tishamingo... Only time can tell just what this sensational young group is capable of...”

(from 2005: The Year of The Mango?)

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“Tishamingo has played more than 200 live shows during the past year, according to its Web site (, and tonight's show is part of its current two-month, 25-date tour of the Southeast.

For his own part, at least, Williams said he was nostalgic for the creaky floorboards and solid sound-system of Tishamingo's home venue.

"We haven't played the Theatre since we opened for Galactic a couple of months ago, so it will be nice to be playing back at home," Williams said.”


-Edwin Childs, The Red & Black Newspaper
Read the entire article: "TISHAMINGO RETURNS TO ATHENS"

“Heading back to the other stage, we got to check out Tishamingo. Who? Yeah, we weren't quite sure either. The band itself wound up having a nice broad sound, rooted in southern rock. They aren't afraid to get a little funky, either. One of the bigger highlights was a tasty version of Little Feat's "Skin It Back." By this point, the band had attracted the attention of a few other musicians now watching things from behind the stage. Between songs, Galactic's Robert Mercurio shouted out a request for "Margaritaville," which wasn't granted but drew a couple chuckles. Fans of Widespread Panic would be advised to catch Tishimango the next time they come through town...”

(from a review of the Wakarusa Festival)

-Nathan Rodriguez, JAM BASE
Read the entire article: "WAKARUSA :: MIDWEST MECCA"

Tishamingo, Donna Hopkins Steal Show at Dogwood Festival

“...the band continues to push their performances to new heights seemingly every time they take the stage. As Tishamingo left the Dogwood crowd, going out with a most enjoyable version of the fun-lovin’ hit “Wastin’ Time,” they had obviously won over hundreds of new fans. As one newcomer in the crowd said, 'They just seem so familiar… it’s like they took the best of Panic and the Allman Brothers, and made a whole new band…WOW!'

Wow, indeed. Tishamingo is red hot, and playing better than ever. Little wonder they’ve become known as one of the hottest, and best, young bands on the road today.”

(review of the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, Georgia on April 4th, 2004)

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“TISHAMINGO: The Next Big Thing in Southern Rock”

Read the article: "Tishamingo: The Next Big Thing for Southern Rock"

“Tishamingo is a band you simply must hear. Based out of Athens, Ga., this quartet plays a spectacular brand of blues-soaked rock and roll. HTN's Jamie Lee chatted with guitarist/vocalist Cameron Williams during some rare time off from the road, and Cameron explains how Tishamingo came to be, where their sound comes from, and the plans they have for the future, which certainly looks bright for this smoking group.”

April -2004


“...yes, Tishamingo plays bluesy and very Southern rock, but they capture what was best about them. There's a subtle melancholy at play amid all the fun-loving music, and yet Tishamingo gives listeners the beer-buzzed feeling that everything will be OK...”

(from an article in the Wilmington, NC Star-News Newspaper)

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By Russ Lane, Star-News Correspondent

“ was apparent that this is a band that is out not only to entertain, but also to have a damn good time while doing so. In an evening featuring a number of Athens top local talents, Jess Franklin was particularly impressive, as unassuming as one could be, while playing a wicked slide guitar that can buckle your knees. The entire band, while performing songs they had just begun rehearsing the previous day, was in great form the entire set, which also featured "Frank and Jesse James" (a song Tishamingo truly made sound their own), "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me," and "Meet Me in L.A.," featuring a guest appearance by Adam Turner on saxophone while Franklin really cut loose with his slide.”

(from the show review for the Athens' bands tribute to the late
Waren Zevon at the Georgia Theatre, January 20th, 2004)

Read the entire review of the show on the Honest Tune website


“ was Tishamingo that served as the real starting point for the evening, and I truly enjoyed my first exposure to these Southern boys. A young rock 'n' roll-slinging band that shows great promise, they sure did help me find that fire. It was a nice surprise to see such a wide range of musicians take the stage supporting Tishamingo. Karl Denson, E.T. (Dirty Dozen), Rob Wasserman, Jeff Raines (Galactic), JJ Grey (MOFRO), Jerry Joseph, Joel Cummins (Umphrey's McGee), and Bill Nershi (String Cheese) all stepped up and raised the energy exponentially.”

-The Kayceman, JAM BASE
Read more from the article: "Jam Cruise 1: A Party Like No Other"

“They're jam-band friendly, but they don't really jam. They've been around enough swamp water to soak up the Skynyrd/Allmans blue-collar blues ethic...”

-Michael Andrews, ATHENS FLAGPOLE
Read the write-up: "Bands to Watch Out For"


“Tishamingo is a no-nonsense quartet that mines the vast wealth of Southern rock and roots music...”

-Mick Skidmore, RELIX magazine
PDF of the actual magazine spread "On the Verge" (79k)

“The four-piece local twang rock group Tishamingo has its own name for the music it plays. "We call it county rock," says drummer Richard Proctor...”

Read the Flagpole write-up


“...Like the all-mighty Mule on its best nights, Tishamingo doesn't jam. No, no, not by a long shot. The band's grooves are tight yet airy, and any instrumental extrapolation is well-crafted by guitarists Cameron Williams and Jess Franklin. The pair also handle the vocal chores and both posses smoky, soulful pipes that'd do Greg Allman proud. The powerhouse rhythm section of Stephen Spivey on bass and Richard Proctor on drums is potent and forceful, shedding any thought of disconnected funk for a solid foundation not heard in these parts for way too long. Keane pops up here and there on various stringed instruments, and Athens' own boogie woogie king Jason Fuller adds his considerable talents on keyboards and organ...”

Read the entire Athens Flagpole album review


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